Welcome to the first unofficial site of the 
Malawi Young Pioneers 
on the World Wide Web

This Site is Dedicated to Preserving The History of
The Malawi Young Pioneers'
Contribution to Malawi's Agricultural History


Kamuzu with Mzee Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, showing off one of the many success stories
of Malawi Young Pioneers in Agricultural Projects and Nation Building of Mother Malawi.
Malawi Tourism
Malawi Army ransacked and Bombed M.Y.P Headquarters during Operation Bwezani-Mzuzu
Your Holiday In Malawi
Guide 2 Malawi
Malawi wildlife
League of Malawi Women
Malawi souvenirs
Malawi Hunger Disaster

Father of Democracy Malawi

A Case of Revolutionary Change in Contemporary Malawi:
The Malawi Army and the Disarming of the Malawi Young Pioneers
Professor Kings M. Phiri
Professor of History,
Chancellor College, University of Malawi


The brains behind Malawi Young Pioneers'
 success  in  Malawi's Agricultural Development.
Mr. Aleke Banda, Former Minister on Focus on Africa


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